Everything about proper nutrition for weight loss

the essence of good food for weight loss

Maintaining ideal health and weight is the result of a properly structured diet. If you find a suitable nutrition system for yourself and at the same time learn the most important rules for weight loss, you can achieve harmony and maintain it for life, by no longer tiring yourself with diet and strenuous physical activity. .

Nutrition Essentials for Weight Loss

Proper nutrition is a way of life. It is a food intake system to keep your body healthy and young. The basis of proper nutrition is not the damage to the body, but the nutrition of all vital systems for a stable and complete work.

There is no single formula for proper nutrition. Dozens of very different systems prove their suitability, so when choosing one of them, you can proceed from individual features. For example, for people in the northern and southern regions, food systems will be different because temperature conditions and regionalism dictate their conditions.

Thus, many factors influence the creation of the ideal system of proper nutrition, especially for the purpose of losing weight:

  • Age characteristics;
  • Limited health condition;
  • Differences in sex;
  • Overweight rate;
  • Geographical factor;
  • Allergic restrictions;
  • Taste preferences;
  • Metabolic rate;
  • Extent of physical activity;
  • Religious beliefs.

Nutritionists show a balanced selection and distribution of foods, taking into account the required calorie content, as well as an equal amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins, with the right food for weight loss. weight. However, due to the fact that everyone has their own body characteristics, this balance is always calculated individually.

Nutrition systems for weight loss

The most valuable nutritional systems have been proven to be:

  • Separate power supply.This is not a diet, but a way of eating, the essence of which is the division of carbohydrates and proteins into separate meals. A scientist from the school of natural hygiene Herbert Shelton wrote a lot about this, relying on the fact that our stomach creates its own special acid-alkaline environment for meat and vegetable products (cereals) and the mixture of the two types of these products willsays disruption of body rhythms. Numerous studies have shown that special diet during long-term restructuring of the body gives extraordinary results that affect not only weight normalization, but also longevity.
  • Shop energy system.Despite the fact that the Dukan nutrition system is presented as a diet, it can also be called a lifestyle because the duration of feeding extends for many years. The essence of such a diet is to choose foods for food based on their glycemic index, while you should give up alcohol, coffee, refined and canned foods, which is ultimately the right way to choose foods. .
  • Lacto-vegetarianism.This is a predominant vegetarianism of plant foods, eggs and dairy products. Nutritionists around the world agree that this is the ideal nutritional system, as the body consumes enough protein while avoiding heavy meat.

These are not all possible nutritional systems, but those listed are considered the most universal because they allow the balance of all nutrients for the body.

Basics of nutrition to lose weight

The proper nutrition system is designed to keep the body in a high quality of life. But how can you use it to correct weight and improve organ function?

Many people think that just reducing calories is enough to see results, but this is one of the factors, and it is far from the most important. It is also not always enough to choose the "right" foods. Losing weight in the right food system is a culture of new habits that will take root after a month of practice, so you need to create a basic complex of what you can and cannot do.

As nutritionists say, weight loss can do everything but in moderation. This rule should be taken as a basis.

To lose weight, you can not build food over restrictions. Not every healthy person is able to afford them, so there is no need to talk about overweight or low metabolism people.

Balancing the right diet to lose weight is based on three pillars:

  • The predominant amount of protein or slow carbohydratesin the diet, depending on the characteristics of the organism. To understand, on what you are best at losing weight, just do a little test in 2 days for two weeks. On the first day of the first week, you should eat only protein foods with a small addition of whole grains and vegetables in a ratio of 80 to 20. On the first day of the second week, do the exact opposite, where slow carbohydrateswill be the predominant foods. We need to see where the pounds go faster. If in your case it is better to use proteins for weight loss, then the nutritional system should be built on their predominant amount in the diet.
  • Replacing fast carbohydrates with slow ones.It is believed that carbohydrates are just sweet and starchy foods. But there are people who do not like and do not eat cakes, but at the same time they are still obese. The secret of fast carbohydrates lies not only in sweets, but also in potatoes, fried cutlets and alcohol. Fast carbs are always high in calories, high glycemic index and act on the body by a rapid rise in blood sugar. It is not necessary to give up your favorite sweets and dishes, just replace fast carbohydrates with slow ones and you can continue to eat pancakes and barbecue, but at the same time lose weight steadily.
  • Selection of natural products.Excess weight, along with a whole range of related diseases, appear due to unnatural products. Aggressive heat treatment with the addition of E-preservatives and especially with the addition of sodium glutamate (a kind of medicine for the brain) makes the product completely useless - empty calories. Taste is masked by chemistry and sugar, but in fact the body remains hungry because from food it could not get essential trace elements for life. Thus, the juice from the bag is chemistry, and freshly squeezed juice are natural vitamins.

Basic Nutrition Rules for Weight Loss

principles of proper nutrition for weight loss

Regardless of the nutritional system you choose to lose weight, there are universal rules that can not be ignored. Even if you have not yet decided on a new way of life, the rules of nutrition for weight loss can be introduced now.

Always have a hearty breakfast

We have high sugar levels in the morning and therefore do not want to eat. Losing weight you think is a great excuse to starve and limit yourself so you can eat less later. But this is a trap - by evening, due to sugar overdose, you will eat several times more than you should. Becauseshte is due to the lack of sugar that many make to put in refrigerators at night. Breakfast should always be as rich as any meal.

Learn to eat fractional

This is a very important rule for overweight people. Fractional food, and this is considered food every 3 hours, does not allow blood sugar to drop significantly, which means that there will be no wolf hunger and digestive problems. Of course, the quality of food plays the most important role, but choosing the right food will not bring any benefit if the rest between meals is 4-5 hours. As a result, you will eat many times more and stretch your stomach.

Everything "forbidden" at the beginning of the day

Overweight people are addicted to sugary and carbohydrate foods. Quite difficult to refuse this, but it is not necessary to completely stop yourself from doing so - just do not forget about moderation. If you want to eat something fast carbs, then you can afford them, but only in the first half of the day, preferably before 11 o'clock in the morning. This is due to the fact that in the first half of the day our metabolism is faster and by the end of the day a kind of load is still expected, so the "forbidden" will not affect the figure so much.

Never starve

Unless it is a curative fast under the supervision of specialists, fasting is forbidden. This is what leads to weight gain, lowers metabolism and worsens digestive problems.

Best Dilution Products

products for proper nutrition

The right foods in the diet of a person who loses weight are fresh and natural products. If their content in the diet is 80%, you can already start losing weight from this.

This includes:

  • fresh vegetables, raw or, if necessary, boiled;
  • fresh and natural fruits (from vegetable gardens) of their region according to the season;
  • nuts and dried fruits without preservatives.

Almost everything from animal products is allowed, but here the way of processing is considered - cooking and baking:

  • fish and seafood;
  • lean meats (chicken breast, turkey, beef, beef).

If there are no allergic reactions, then diets are added as follows:

  • low fat dairy products;
  • eggs
  • .

Menu for a week and a month for weight loss

To start eating healthy, try to start in a week. In 7 days, you will already see the results that are reflected not only in the figure, but also in the state of health.


  1. Orange, 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes;
  2. Toast with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes;
  3. Roasted chicken with cucumber;
  4. A glass of kefir;
  5. Fish with vegetables.


  1. The part of cottage cheese with raisins and nuts;
  2. 2 apples;
  3. Vegetable and kitten soup;
  4. 1 egg;
  5. Fresh potatoes with a side dish of vegetables.


  1. Grapefruit, meatballs with vegetables;
  2. A handful of cherries;
  3. Roast chicken garnished with vegetables;
  4. A glass of fermented baked milk;
  5. Boiled fish with vegetables.


  1. Fruit smoothie with seeds, boiled chicken;
  2. Portokalli;
  3. Soup with carrot puree and buckwheat porridge;
  4. Part of the cottage cheese;
  5. Salad with chicken and vegetables.


  1. Bananas, 2 boiled eggs;
  2. Cheese and tomato toast with lettuce;
  3. Roasted chicken breast with fresh vegetable salad;
  4. homemade yogurt;
  5. Steam cutlets;


  1. A handful of grapes. Steamed fish with vegetables;
  2. Bananas;
  3. Soup with vegetable puree;
  4. Part of the cottage cheese;
  5. Chicken breast with salad.


  1. Apples, toast with cheese and tomatoes;
  2. Cabbage and cucumber salad;
  3. Roasted vegetables and 2 eggs;
  4. A glass of kefir;
  5. Boiled fish with vegetables.

Proper nutrition for a month for weight loss

To plan your meals for an entire month, use the following diet matrix:

  • Breakfast:any fruit + protein product with carbohydrates in a ratio of 80: 20;
  • First Snack:any fruit or any combination of vegetables;
  • Lunch:a meal of vegetables or whole grains with a protein product in a 50: 50 ratio;
  • Second food:dairy product or carbohydrates of your choice;
  • Dinner:protein product with vegetables in 80: 20. ratio

An after-dinner snack is allowed, but should be a low-calorie dairy product, for example, a glass of fermented baked milk or kefir.

Also, do not forget to replenish body fluids throughout the day.

Recipes for proper nutrition for weight loss

Cooking options are different, but the predominant methods are baking and cooking.

Roasted chicken breasts

  1. Chicken meat soaked in kefir with mild spices for 20 minutes;
  2. Bake for 15 minutes on each side in the oven.

Steam cutlets

  1. Lean minced meat combined with finely chopped onion and raw egg;
  2. Cutlets are formed from minced meat;
  3. Prepare in a double boiler.

Baked fish

  1. The pieces of each fish are lightly seasoned with mild spices;
  2. Onions cut into slices and mixed with fish;
  3. The dish is cooked in a slow cooker in the "Bake" mode for 40 minutes in olive oil.

Soup with vegetable puree

nutritional recipes for weight loss
  1. Carrots and onions cut into cubes, lightly fried over medium heat;
  2. Cooked cooked peas are combined with vegetables;
  3. The mixture is rolled in a blender;
  4. The dish is served with herbs.

To lose weight, you do not need to tire yourself with solid diets. Suffice it to think of an individual nutritional system with a balanced content of all essential nutrients. By adhering to the chosen scheme, you can not only lose weight, but also get rid of the yo-yo effect forever, while constantly maintaining detail without effort.