Delicious and effective: how to lose 10 pounds on a watermelon diet?

Almost every girl will love the watermelon diet because during it you can eat sweet and juicy watermelons and lose weight at the same time! We will show you what is the essence of the diet, for whom it is suitable and what should be your diet in order to lose extra pounds.

Characteristics of the watermelon diet

The watermelon diet is a great opportunity to lose weight in late summer, just in the season of fragrant berries. The diet will please the beauties who love watermelons and are ready to eat them in pounds - in this case, the process of losing weight will be just a joy. If you are one of them - instead get acquainted with a new diet that will help you lose about 10 pounds!

Watermelons can safely be called bombs for weight loss, because they are low in calories, thanks to their sweet taste, they quickly saturate and saturate hunger, improve kidney function and regulate a real cleansing of toxins, salts, sandand even bad cholesterol for the body. Water, which is contained in watermelons (80-90% of the total mass), not only cleanses the body, but also starts the process of burning fat and removes excess fluid.

watermelon with herbs for weight loss

Watermelon diet menu

As you may have guessed, during the watermelon diet for weight loss, you can eat a lot of watermelon. To figure out how many berries to eat, multiply every 10 kilograms of your weight by 1 kilogram of watermelon.

You should also drink water intake throughout the diet, but you will need to forget about some tea and coffee. The fact is that in large quantities, watermelon can cause dehydration, and tea and coffee can only increase this effect. Some nutritionists also allow rye breads or breads to be added to the diet so that the body gets more energy.

watermelon slices for weight loss

As a rule, watermelon diet lasts 10-15 days, during which you are not allowed to play sports, as the calorie content in the diet is very low. There is also a 3-day diet with watermelon, but nutritionists advise not to change your diet dramatically for more than a day. It is recommended to arrange for yourself watermelon fasting days with a break of 4-5 days, so as not to harm the body, not to deprive it of protein and fat for a long period of time and not to gain exhaustion.


Importers It is important to remember that the watermelon diet is not for everyone. You should not use it for people who have kidney problems, stones and high blood sugar. Also, you can not sit on a watermelon diet for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

watermelon slices for weight loss

Remember that watermelon can not be combined with other foods - this leads to the formation of gas in the intestines. There should be a break of one and a half to two hours between watermelons and other products.