Diet with 6 petals

The 6-petalled diet is a set of monodiets that alternate continuously over six days. The author of this method of weight loss, Anna Johansson, tried to minimize the feeling of hunger and psychological distress for those who lose weight during the diet, but at the same time ensure fast results. According to reviews, the 6-petalled diet allows you to lose 3 to 5 pounds of excess weight during the specified period.

Constant adherence to the diets of fish, vegetables, poultry, cereals, cottage cheese and fruits allows you to not be limited to just one group of foods, but to eat varied not only throughout the 6-petal diet, but also during each individual day.

To eliminate psychological distress, reduce nervousness, and maintain a positive attitude, Anna Johansson suggested turning weight loss into a kind of game. So before you start the diet, it is recommended to draw a flower with six petals, each of which corresponds to a specific day. This flower should be hung in a conspicuous place, the refrigerator door is best for this, and every evening tear off the petal that corresponded to the last day of it, writing down in advance the weight lost for the current day. 6 petal diet reviews confirm the stimulating and motivating aspect of this game.

Diet menu with 6 petals

The effectiveness of the 6-petal diet is due to the thoughtful alternation of protein and carbohydrate days, which allows not only the provision of special meals, but also the acceleration of the fat burning process. To date, it is already known with certainty that all mono-diets are effective only in the first 25 hours of their observance, as with a longer use of them, the body adapts to changes in nutrition and passes in a wayenergy saving. In the case of petals, the diet menu 6 is created in such a way that the body does not have time to get used to it, and therefore the weight is removed almost evenly every day.

6 petal diet menu:

  • Fish.The first day diet should be limited exclusively to fish dishes, which can be prepared by stewing, stewing or baking. On this day it is allowed to use soft spices, herbs, salt, as well as the use of fish juice. For the first day, the fish was chosen because of its digestibility and low calorie content. In addition, the unsaturated fatty acids contained in this product can saturate the body and "sleep" its alertness. On the first day, recipes for the 6-petalled diet focus on the total amount of fish in the range 300-500 g;
  • Vegetables.The second day is designed to enrich the body with carbohydrates, but at the same time burn some fat. It is possible to achieve such a dual effect by including in the menu plant carbohydrates, the energy value of which is much lower than the costs that the body spends on their digestion. On the second day, you can eat about 1-1, 5 kg of any vegetables, including potatoes, cooking them in any way except frying;
  • Chicken.During the third day, it is allowed to eat 500 g of white chicken with the addition of a small amount of salt, spices and herbs. As with all 6 petal diet recipes, chicken does not include frying. As a rule, after the third day, there is a significant decrease in weight, which is explained by an insufficient intake of carbohydrates, as a result of which the body begins to use its own fat cells for energy;
  • Cereals.On this day, the 6-petalled diet menu includes the use of cereals (200 g cereals), bran, seeds, whole grain breads and fiber. Complex carbohydrates obtained with these products, the body replenishes glycogen reserves and again receives energy from its adipose tissue;
  • Cottage cheese.For day 5, 6-petalled diet recipes may include 500 grams of low-fat or low-fat cottage cheese and a small amount of low-fat milk. Eating these foods will allow your body to get high quality protein and supplement some minerals.
  • Fruit.On the last day it is allowed to eat 1-1, 5 kg of fruit, while both live, ripe and in the form of juices can be used.

Additional recommendations

the chef symbolizes the 6-petalled diet

It is no secret that the effectiveness of any diet increases significantly if changes in nutrition are supported by increased physical activity. Also, the key to successful weight loss is getting enough fluids - for a 6-petalled diet, two liters is considered the optimal amount of water per day. In addition, between meals, the use of carbonated mineral water, green and herbal teas, rose decoction is allowed.

Compliance with some rules during the 6-petal diet, as well as at its conclusion, will not only achieve good results, but will also consolidate them:

  • priority should be given to quality and fresh products.
  • on the right days, it is recommended to choose cereals, vegetables with low starch content and remove the skin from the chicken;
  • during the diet, you should completely abandon any sweets, chocolate, sugar, bread and preservatives and after its completion, limit their consumption as much as possible;
  • after six days of "petals", it is necessary for some time to consume the same foods as during the diet, combining them, gradually increasing the caloric content of the daily diet to 1500-1800 Kcal;
  • It is recommended to re-use this method of weight loss not earlier than one week.

The 6-petalled diet is focused on maximum results and minimal stress on the body, however, even with numerous positive reviews, the safety of this method of weight loss can only be confirmed by a doctor in each individual case.