Effective diet for weight loss for a week

Choosing the optimal diet is the first and most important step to achieve your desired result. Prolonged grueling strikes can not only be ineffective, but also cause significant damage to health. If you want to lose extra pounds in a short period of time without exposing your body to serious stress, a one-week weight loss diet will help you do it in the gentlest way.

Home-made weight loss diets: important information

breakfast for weight loss

Anyone planning to lose weight through a diet should realize that even the shortest diet food programs for weight loss include a sharp dietary restriction. This type of stress on the body can negatively affect the overall well-being and state of human health. In addition, some diseases have a number of contraindications to different dietary options. Therefore, before switching to a new diet, as well as in those cases if in the future adhering to a diet at home will make you feel worse (dizziness, weakness, bloating, exacerbation of chronic diseases, etc. ). ), you should ask. your doctor's advice. . . .

Oatmeal diet for a week

A diet with oats for a week will allow you to lose up to five kilograms of excess weight without feeling strong hunger and without harming your health. The main ingredient of the menu is oats cooked in water or a weak rose juice, which should be eaten 3 times a day throughout the diet. The weight of each porridge of porridge should be no more than 100 g In the first four days of the diet it is allowed to drink only water or green tea; On other days, you can add to your diet fresh vegetables and fruits in an amount not exceeding 400 g per day.

Such a home-made diet requires a complete exclusion of spices (pepper, salt, sugar, etc. ) and oil from the diet.

Kefir diet: menu for 7 days

The low-fat kefir-based home diet (1%) envisages daily consumption of this fermented milk drink for a week. In this case, weight loss occurs due to the beneficial properties of kefir, which help cleanse the intestinal walls of feces and remove toxins from the body.

Divide 1. 5 L of drink into 5 equal portions and drink throughout the day. In addition to kefir, include the following foods in your daily diet:

  • First day. Boiled potatoes in their uniforms (150-200 g).
  • The second day. Chicken breast (100 g).
  • The third day. Boiled beef (100 g).
  • The fourth day. Boiled or Polish cod (150 g).
  • The fifth day. Low calorie vegetables and fruits (400 g).

The last stage of the diet requires the complete exclusion of food: the sixth day is limited to the use of kefir, and the seventh - pure drinking water without carbonation.

When preparing dietary food, salt, pepper and any other spices should be excluded.

Drinks diet

berries for weight loss

This diet for a week is considered one of the safest and is very easily tolerated. A key condition for its effectiveness is abundant drinking, due to which metabolic processes in the body are accelerated, and a properly organized food system contributes to faster weight loss.

As part of this home-made diet, you should drink at least two liters of non-carbonated mineral water a day and adhere to the following 7-day diet program:

  1. Eat a low-fat, low-fat cottage cheese breakfast with green tea. During lunch, eat 100 g of boiled pollack with fresh tomatoes and herbs. For an afternoon snack, use green tea with a handful of dried apricots or prunes. For dinner prepare some boiled beans and a light salad of fresh cabbage with carrots.
  2. In the morning, eat some natural oats with a glass of yogurt. For lunch, you can satisfy your hunger with unleavened boiled rice with a slice of beef. Enjoy an orange later in the afternoon. For dinner use sauerkraut and boiled beans.
  3. Eat 2 slices of black bread and cheese for breakfast with herbal tea. For lunch, refresh yourself with a serving of vegetable soup with a slice of chicken fillet. Drink a handful of prunes or figs in the middle of the day. Eat some boiled potatoes with beans and a fresh tomato in the evening.
  4. In the morning, drink a handful of vegetable mixture with cream cheese and a cup of green tea. For lunch, eat a salad with fresh beans and vegetables. After lunch, refresh yourself with two fruits and in the evening enjoy a glass of low-fat kefir and a small handful of dried apricots.
  5. Eat a serving of seasoned cereal with a glass of homemade yogurt for breakfast. At lunch time, drink a light vegetable soup with a slice of chicken fillet. You will have a handful of dried fruits for a midday meal and a serving of vinegrette for an evening meal.
  6. Satisfy your morning hunger with a small amount of sugar-free oats and added oil, washed down with a cup of warm green tea. For lunch eat vegetable soup with boiled meat. In the late afternoon, eat a grapefruit and after a couple of hours, eat dinner with a serving of boiled beans and two small slices of roasted trout.
  7. Eat breakfast with a serving of low-fat cottage cheese. For lunch, eat some boiled fish, some lettuce leaves and a tomato. Drink dried fruit tea for an afternoon snack. For the final dinner of the evening, boiled beans with fresh carrots and sliced cabbage are perfect.

Following this home-made diet will help you lose about 3 to 5 pounds of weight while allowing your body to get all the nutrients it needs. One of the main advantages of this nutrition system is the ability to exercise, which are excluded from many other diets for weight loss.

If you wish, you can extend the diet course for another week (but not more), adhering to the recommended menu.