How to start losing weight?

Weight loss will be followed by diet plan

There are hundreds of types of diets and ways to lose weight in the world. But regardless of the choice of variation, the most difficult and responsible phase will be that of opening. Starting weight loss is the most important stage that sets the tone for the further process. You need to start a diet as careful and thoughtful as possible, especially if you are going to lose weight at home without seeking the help of specialists. Everything should be planned and taken into account: food system, drinking regime, physical activity. In this article, we will show you where to start losing weight at home in order to get a guaranteed effect without harming your health and psycho-emotional state.

Step-by-step instruction

The first thing that starts any weight loss is motivation and competent goal setting.These should be specific figures in kilograms or centimeters and not "take off a little belly" or "look normal with jeans". Vague formulations adapt very quickly to the desired result when strength and patience run out. If there are no specific problems, after a couple of days you will look in the mirror and decide that "it's okay as it is".

Before you start losing weight, inform your family of your decision. Everyone who lives in the same apartment with you should be aware of your aspiration and support it. If you have not received approval, try to convey your wishes and plans to your family so that they understand how important it is to you.

Support from the people closest to home is the most important factor in starting weight loss.

And be sure to keep a journal in which you will describe your feelings and accomplishments. The first page should contain all the parameters measured in the morning on an empty stomach: weight, chest-waist-hips. Calculate your body mass index. For clarity, take a picture with underwear or some kind of clothing that is still very close to you.

Develop a diet plan

There is no need to be afraid of this word. The diet is not necessarily the Thumbelina diet (one and a half grains a day). This is a well-thought-out and calculated system of balanced nutrition that allows you to stay in good shape, but at the same time not to gain extra pounds, but also to lose excess pounds.

You have two options - choose a ready-made and proven diet or design a diet plan yourself, excluding deliberately harmful foods from the diet.

This includes:

  • fatty;
  • smoked;
  • very salty;
  • pickle;
  • butter;
  • roast;
  • sweet.

Of course, there is no need to rush to extremes and completely give up, for example, sugar. Just consume it within reasonable limits, but once again do not allow yourself a piece of cake or a roll. And add sweetener to the tea.

If you are not new to losing weight, then based on experience, you will probably be able to design your own nutrition plan. If you are on a diet for the first time, it is better to choose the ready option.

In your food diary, make a chart where you will write down everything you eat. This will help you track changes in your diet and analyze which foods have the best impact on your results.

Here is an example of such a table (fill in yourself):

Meal time Weight before meals, kg products Calories The amount of water you have drunk so far Physical load Emotional state
Second breakfast (snack)
Afternoon snack
Bedtime snack (2 hours before)
Total for the day

Days of fasting

Regardless of the type of diet you choose, be sure to arrange fasting days for yourself. And do not put them off for later. The sooner you start adhering to this rule, the easier it will be to lose weight in the future. Include the first day of fasting in the first week of weight loss.

The day of fasting is not absolute hunger, but only limiting the energy value of the diet to 1000 calories.. . . But it is better to start gradually. Let your first day of fasting allow 2000 calories, the next 1500 and only then 1000. Yes, you will need to measure portion sizes with scales and use a calculator. I must say that over time this activity delays, there is excitement and interest in calorie counting.

Advice!So that the days of fasting do not greatly affect the emotional state, it is better to organize them after the holidays, when a feast with abundant food is planned.

The essence of fasting days is that the body, in the absence of food from outside, breaks down the available fats to replenish energy reserves.

Drinking regime

This is a separate issue for any diet. Whichever meal plan you choose, you should follow the proper drinking regimen.The minimum amount of drinking water per day is 1. 5 liters. . . This indicator is known to all those who care about their health. A famous singer advertises that you should drink 3 half-liter bottles of mineral water every day.

The question is what kind of liquid should it be and when is it correct to drink it. Someone drinks bottled water, someone - tap or boiled. All of these options are valid. The main thing is that it was pure water: tea, fruit drinks, juices are not included in these 1. 5 liters. Drink water before meals and between meals. It is not necessary to do this immediately after breakfast or lunch. Better wait half an hour and then pour yourself a glass of fresh water.

We are charged with motivation

Motivation is the main driving force to start losing weight. It goes without saying that there is a family purpose and approval. But you need other stimuli that will help you not to pull back at the beginning of the road, and will also support you during weight loss. We offer several reasons from which every woman can definitely choose motivation specifically for herself.

If I am weak, then:

  • get rid of health problems;
  • I can wear nice clothes;
  • stop being shy on the beach;
  • I will be more comfortable in bed;
  • I will gain confidence in myself;
  • I will be proud of myself because I will achieve the goal.

Repeat your chosen reasons every day as a mantra. Some can even be written in conspicuous places, especially in the kitchen.

Motivation should never sound humiliating. You can not say "I'm fat". You need to motivate yourself - "I'm going to lose weight". When there is a goal even in a phrase, it is easier to strive for it.

Visualization is a great way to motivate. Find pictures where you are weak (young or before birth). Remember how easy and wonderful it was for you. Keep them up and get inspired every day. If you have always been healthy, order a high quality Photoshop to visualize how you will look without extra pounds.

However, you can not start losing weight with psychological shock therapy. If you weigh 120 kg, you do not want to see your picture with 42 clothing sizes. Obese people psychologically perceive weak people as not healthy enough. In addition, it can become a kind of obstacle: it seems that losing more than half the body weight is unrealistic - you should not even start.

With what load to start losing weight?

You can not do without sports, because losing weight is a complex process. Physical activity should be introduced gradually. First of all, we recommend that you get a special training diary. Start your workouts with cardio exercises aimed at burning fat. These are low-intensity loads during which muscle glycogen (fatty layers) breaks down into lactic acid. Oxygen accelerates this process, so the essence of aerobic exercise is complete and correct breathing during exercise.

The simplest form of aerobic exercise is running.Take a short jog on the first day of your diet.. . . 10 minutes at a light pace is enough to start the fat burning processes. If you do not start with a lot of weight and have the strength for physical education, also do a general warm-up with stretching, jumping, pushing and other typical loads.

Gradually increase your aerobic exercise time. Your maximum program: 30 minutes a day. If this is done regularly, the body will be involved in the process and fat burning will be more active.

Jogging in the park for active fat burning

Other types of training:

  • not;
  • rollerblading, scooter, cycling;
  • walks 8-10 thousand steps a day;
  • while dancing.

It is not harmful to buy a heart rate monitor with an integrated pedometer. For those who decide to start losing weight, it is important to look at the specific numbers of their achievements. We recommend that you include them in your journal as well. When at least a month has passed and you are involved in weight loss, you can add strength training (bar, for example). Once you have pumped the muscles of the press, hips and chest, you will not only be slim, but also in shape.

Advice!It is best for beginners to lose weight at the CrossFit gym. Collective activity is a kind of motivation. And paid subscription as well. You are unlikely to be able to avoid exercise.

There are no excuses

Losing weight is hard: a person is so built up that he will find a host of reasons not to do it.

Let's analyze the most common excuses:

  1. I do not have time. . . Calorie counting is a matter of minutes, and cooking healthy food sometimes takes much less time than a hearty high-calorie dinner. If you want to save time in your spare time, exercise at the same time as watching your favorite show or TV show.
  2. I will die without a dessert! At first it really seems like you can go crazy without chocolate or rolls. However, if you count the calories correctly, you will surely be able to add your favorite sweets to your diet.
  3. I already tried but it did not work. . . So you did something wrong. Change your tactics this time, find other approaches.
  4. I have no money for this. . . In fact, you can even lose weight for the sake of your portfolio. Save on groceries and instead of the gym, go to the gym near your home.
  5. I do not know how to lose weight. . . There are gigabytes of weight loss information online - thousands of exercise videos and thousands of diet examples. And even from our article you have already learned the essentials.

If you do not know where to start losing weight, we hope our step-by-step system helps you.

Five steps to a slim figure:

  1. Set yourself a goal.
  2. Seek the support of family members.
  3. Develop a meal plan and keep a diary.
  4. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day for aerobic exercise.
  5. Motivate yourself regularly and avoid excuses.

In losing weight, it is important to start straight: when you get involved, the process will go faster and more fun!