The diet for the week is effective, simple, delicious and safe: daily diet

Planned diet

Every woman at least once in her life used diets for rapid weight loss. The question is, diets do not always work.

This happens for a variety of reasons, but most often the problem is that it is very difficult to resist a strict regime, denying yourself all kinds of food pleasures.

As a result - breakdowns, and the woman abandons the idea of ​​losing weight.

But the problem would be solved much easier if you chose a simple but effective short-term diet. And the result was obtained, and I did not have to limit myself to food for a long time.

The most effective diet for weight loss for a week, simple and safe, a detailed menu for every day, reviews about it are reviewed in this article.

When you need it

The rampant fashion for slim girls beganat the same time as the famous Twiggy show in the modeling arena. Her slim, sexless figure is still considered the standard of female beauty.

Doctors, of course, do not fundamentally agree with this view, but who usually listens to them?

And it's worth listening to. Above all, thediet can be a tool not only for rapid weight loss, but also for normalizing metabolism and healing.

And if you approach it from this side, thena diet from duty turns into a useful tool in the fight for health.

If you are overweight, then changing your meal plan and daily diet to a diet will help you normalize your metabolism, get your figure back to normal. But how is this rate calculated?

There is a simple formula for this. To calculate it,needs to know exactly your height in centimeters. Let us give an example of calculation.

The woman is 165 centimeters tall. The ideal weight for a healthy person is minus 100 centimeters in height.

The following calculation is taken: 165-100 = 65 kilograms. This is the maximum allowable weight a woman of this height, or upper weight limit, can have.

The lower limit of the weight rate is calculated using the same formula, but instead of 100 you have to subtract 110. It turns out that a woman with a height of 165 centimeters has a higher limitlow weight of 55 kilograms.

Do not lose too much weight, even if it is the best diet you have ever tried. This will negatively affect the condition of the skin, hair and, most importantly, the health of women.

Anorexic models often have problems in the form of lack of ovulation and menstruation. In order not to become infertile, give up the idea of ​​drastic weight loss.

Day of fasting

How useful

If your priority is not weight loss, but recoveryand normalization of metabolism, a week of fasting with a diet will be a great solution to the problem.

Especially if, due to your busy work schedule, you often eat while traveling or are regular at fast food and other fast food outlets.

Excessive and heavy food is harmful to the body, because with an unbalanced diet, some nutrients and trace elements enter the body, and heavy fats and poorly digested carbohydrates are excess. .

The body is already under stress due to the need to digest and assimilate all of this, and then there is stress, deadlines and lack of sleep increase.

Hence chronic fatigue, stool problems, skin and hair. And overweight.

Most nutritionists are unanimous in their opinion about a drastic change in diet - it also negatively affects the body, provoking stress.

Therefore, we have listed the best diets for the week andwe are ready to offer the diet option in which you will find a balanced meal planto switch to a healthy diet.

Menu Composition

This diet was created to gradually change the diet, to normalize metabolism and easy weight loss. It does not mean a hunger strike, it will only be necessary to give up fatty, fried and fast food.

In it, you can reduce weight by up to 5 pounds a week. You can repeat this diet for prevention every month or two.

very easy, simple, all dishes are prepared quickly, especially if you have a slow cooker at home. During the diet, you should drink plenty of still mineral water and cranberry juice.

Cottage cheese with raisins and kiwi


Breakfast:cheese croutons, light salad with green onions and cucumbers. From the drinks - natural coffee with cinnamon and sugar-free ginger.

Lunch:cottage cheese with raisins and dried apricots, yogurt, an apple or kiwi. Drink non-carbonated mineral water with the addition of lemon juice and mint leaves.

Snack:boiled chicken breast with vegetable salad topped with lemon juice, low-fat chicken broth.

Dinner:light fruit salad with yogurt sauce, a glass of low-fat sour cream, ginger tea with ginger.


Breakfast:yogurt and light fruit salad, rye toast. Drink coffee with ginger and black pepper.

Lunch:salmon soup with tomatoes and rice, rye bread croutons with cottage cheese and fresh cucumber. Wash it with herbal tea or mint with lemon.

Afternoon snack:two boiled eggs, tomatoes with cheese, bananas and apples. Wash with fermented baked milk or mineral water with lemon.

Dinner:Fresh cucumber salad with boiled beef with light sour cream, toast with tomatoes and cheese. Drink with mint or herbal tea.


Breakfast:oatmeal with fresh cranberries or blackberries, rye bread toasted with butter. Drink coffee with milk and a piece of ginger.

Lunch:Steamed white fish steak, light vegetable salad. For dessert - yogurt with fresh fruit. Drink with cranberry or orange juice.

Snack:Light chicken broth with croutons, tomato and cucumber salad, mineral water with lemon.

Dinner:risotto with rice, shrimp and steamed vegetables, fruit salad. Drinks include herbal tea with lemon balm or mint.


Breakfast:buckwheat porridge with milk, toast with cheese. For dessert - banana or pear. It should be washed with black coffee with ginger or compote with dried fruits.

Lunch:noodle roasted chicken breast, garnished with boiled mushrooms in soup. Light fruit salad. Rinse with mineral water with lemon.

Snack:salad with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers with lemon juice sauce, low-fat cheese croutons. For dessert - yogurt with natural berries and nuts. Drink with orange or apple juice.

Dinner:fresh tomato soup, boiled beef with rice. For dessert - dried fruits or nuts in honey. From drinks - tea made from lemon balm, lemon and thyme.

Vegetable salad


Breakfast:Cheesecake with fresh grains, half a serving of oatmeal in milk. Wash with kefir or weak coffee with milk.

Lunch:vegetable salad, boiled beef. For dessert - fruit or berries. Drink with orange juice or fruit drinks.

Snack:buckwheat porridge with mushrooms boiled in sour cream, sweet protein soufflés. Drink with apple juice or mineral water with lemon.

Dinner:Grilled fish noodles with herbs and spices, boiled rice. Fruit salad for dessert. Drinks - mint tea, jelly.


Breakfast:oatmeal with fresh berries, low-calorie yogurt. From drinks - mineral water with lemon, fermented baked milk or kefir.

Lunch:vegetable salad with tomatoes, boiled chicken breast. Toast with cheese. Drinks: black coffee with ginger.

Snack:chicken soup, toast with cheese. Eggplant baked in noodles with herbs. Drinks: mint tea or cranberry juice.

Dinner:chicken liver salad with rice and mushrooms with light sour cream, fruit salad. Peppermint tea or compote.


Breakfast:raisin cheesecake, yogurt. Coffee with milk.

Lunch:fish soup, rice with vegetables, fresh pineapple. Cranberry or orange juice, mineral water.

Snack:radish salad, boiled chicken breast. Mineral water with lemon.

Dinner:fruit salad, blackberry curd, toast with cheese. Herbal tea or mint.

Dietary soup

Reviews of those who are losing weight

Let's see what women who used it for this week 's weight loss diet think.

"I work for a modeling agency, so weight control is a must for me. I try to stick to a healthy diet, regularly arrange fasting weeks for myself to tone my body.

These days it is good to drink plenty of clean water with lemon juice, eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in zinc and amino acids. This weekly diet gives you positive energy, makes you feel better and gives you a feeling of relief. "

"I gained a lot of weight after I was born. Regular diets were contraindicated as I am breastfeeding my son and the doctor advised me a weekly diet.

I liked the fact that it does not require you to seriously limit yourself to food, you are full and all dishes are easy to prepare. They ate them with my husband.

I repeated this diet three times, every month for a week. As a result, the weight almost returned to those indicators that were before birth, and the health condition even improved. "

With a simple and healthy diet, you can quickly get in shape, improve your well-being.

You can quickly get used to eating wellis ​​a basic step to start taking care of yourself and your health.